“My sacred life mission is to amplify our human capacity for living, working, and relating within shared higher consciousness. My deepest joy is working co-creatively with leaders of world-changing organizations such as Enlivening Edge, to operationalize a Turquoise worldview. That includes supporting Integral City’s work by co-enlivening its core teamwhich operates as a higher we-space working group. Enhancing all such natural intelligences of individuals and organizations actualizes their emergent evolutionary purpose with fewer hassles and resources, and with more joy and impact. I’m most passionate about researching, facilitating, and writing about “higher-consciousness we-spaces” as my primary ministry. I’ve indulged my joy in writing several times through Integral Leadership Review, and regularly through my blog exploring second and third tier consciousness, with special explorations of we-spaces through the spectrum of stages of development of consciousness, based on my participation in a variety of higher we-space groups. Rev. Alia Aurami, Ph.D. “
Anne Caspari is a coach and trainer for adult and leadership development. She focuses on deep transformative processes in personal and organizational context. With an MSc in Environmental Development from Hannover University, Germany, she draws on three decades of experience with complex adaptive systems, pushback and obstacles to self-organization. This knowledge, combined with more than 15 years of work on adult development and transformation gives her a unique view, feel and experience. She has worked extensively with the application of Integral Theory and Theory U and has compared both maps with the territory of transformation. She has been exploring the phenomena regarding collective processes and we-spaces in the past 5 years and has co-authored articles on the topic. She has worked on change projects worldwide and currently operates from Basel, Switzerland, and Berlin, Germany. She is founding partner at Entz von Zerssen, Caspari & Partner Coaching & Consulting, www.ezc.partners and Associate of the European Center for Leadership Practice, www.elcp.eu.
Arthur Brock @ MetaCurrency Project Culture hacker, software architect and alternative currencies geek, Arthur Brock has designed over a hundred alternative currency systems and is actively building the platforms to power the emerging decentralized post-industrial economy.  Brock’s focus on social collective intelligence is the thread connects his work, from software systems self-organizing networks, schools and organizations. Identifying principles of “current-see” design to launch self-organizing systems, Brock has built award-winning, mployee-run businesses (Dream Team Technologies), social enterprise incubators (Emerging Leader Labs), and a rapidly spreading network of student-run schools (Agile Learning Centers). These design principles form the heart of the platforms he is launching to power distributed applications, cryptocurrencies and collaboration (Ceptr & Holochain).
Barbara Marx Hubbard is a visionary and social innovator. She is an evolutionary thinker who recognizes global change happening when we work together, bringing our unique gifts for the greater good. Her findings from the lessons of evolution show that problems are evolutionary drivers, and crises precede transformation, giving a new way of seeing and responding to our global situations. As a prolific author and educator, Barbara has written seven books on social and planetary evolution. She has produced, hosted, and contributed to countless documentaries seen by millions of people around the world. Barbara has collaborated with global facilitators to design synergistic contexts to relate that make us and our experience “newer and newer” no matter our age.
Beena Sharma is Co-Founder and President of the Center for Leadership Maturity (CLM), an enterprise committed to embedding developmental theory and Integral approaches in human and system development, implicitly and explicitly.  Having deeply explored Polarities since 2000, Beena’s unique contribution lies in evolving the idea and practice of Polarity Wisdom as a high leverage approach to enable Vertical Development in leaders. Beena actively employs the Leadership Maturity Framework, its measurement instrument the MAP, and Polarity Wisdom in Leadership coaching and systemic organizational development. Beena is a certified assessor of the MAP (Maturity Assessment for Professionals), the most widely researched Vertical Development measure in the field. Beena is a Certifying Master Coach in Leadership Maturity Coaching, CLM’s practice of coaching ‘tailored’ to stage of vertical development.  She is also a Certified Holacracy Practitioner, trained in Real Time Strategic Change (RTSC) methodology and Team Coaching using Action Reflection Learning® (ARL).
Author, teacher, integral process philosopher, international presenter and steward for the Horses at Alderlore. Bonnitta hosts group retreats for Collective Insight Practice at her home farm in northwest Connecticut. She is an associate editor at Integral Review, and program coordinator for the MA in Consciousness studies at The Graduate Institute. She is currently writing Our Future at Work and The OPO Playbook: Source Code for an Emerging Future.
Chris Clark believes that the frontier century calls us to become a little bit weirder. More comfortable inside our own discomfort. More willing to be surprised and changed by one another. Like never before, this frontier century calls us to “see in the dark,” and walk into uncertainty with daring. Chris serves those who wish to step into the unknown as a Teal organizational mentor and guide. As one of three vision-holders for Enlivening Edge and a founder with Fred Laloux of the Reinventing Organizations Wiki, he serves the broader we-space of pioneers transforming organizations and themselves into purposeful, soulful, full-hearted entities. He also hosts a global gathering specifically designed for pioneers to learn from and support one another, called Next Stage World.
Daniel Schmachtenberger is the Founder of The Emergence Project and the previous think tank that lead to its formation — Strategic Global Solutions. His background in systems science, human behavior, and activism brought him to focus on the global systems that interconnect and drive our major global challenges. Specifically, his focus is on the development of new systems of economics and governance that intrinsically incentivize life-enhancing behaviors at all levels of agency, supporting distributed and spontaneous problem solving and conscious participation in our global evolution. Daniel is the director of research and development and a co-founder of the neurohacker collective, where they are developing processes and technologies for advancing human psycho-bio optimization. He is particularly focused on mind/brain optimization, personalized medicine, adequate approaches to complex illness, and deepening our knowledge of how the human regulatory systems function, how they break down, and how they can be supported to function with greater resilience.
Consultant, trainer, working in the fields of organisational and systems-design, business development and the design and application of governance and management-models; entrepreneur.  Starting in the 80es with self-development seminars, in the 90ies he gained a reputation for his progressive seminars. In the early 90s he started with a series of non-primed seminars, which later became known as “we-space” processes, that at that time he called “Circles of The Heart” and later “Hieros Gamos”. He has been working in Germany, the Netherlands, Japan and used to lead an experimental spiritual community in the Czech Republic until 2008 when he dismantled it in the service of his “participatory turn” away from all traditional, hierarchical ways and even “spirituality”.
Eric Harris-Braun designs and builds software infrastructure for the new economy. He is a co-founder of the MetaCurrency project, which is creating a platform for communities of all scales to design and deploy their own currencies.  Eric is the co-founder of Glass Bead Software, a provider of peer-to-peer networking applications, and of Harris-Braun Enterprises, a free-lance software development shop, which has created, among other things, complex data-collection websites for the health-care industry, an Android application for catch monitoring for the fishing industry, and the Online Writing Workshop, which it built and operates. In 1994 he published the Internet Directory ( Fawcett Columbine), which sold over 100,000 copies and went on to a second edition in 1996 before being made obsolete by Google. Eric received a B.S. in Computer Science from Yale University. Currently he lives in rural New York, where he is part of a Quaker Intentional community, plays with his two kids, tends a garden, and lives in a straw-bale house.
George Por is an evolutionary mentor and strategic learning partner to future-responsive leaders in business, government and civil society, in matters of radical innovation & resilience, inter-sector collaboration, collective intelligence & wisdom, communities of practice, “wildfire learning” & capability development. He is also a community architect for global, multi-stakeholder events, who integrates electronic, knowledge, and social process tools into a coherent, well-crafted whole of online and on-site work sessions. George’s own life’s journey enabled him to combine European values with American “can do” spirit and ancient wisdom traditions. He brings them to bear on the assignments he works on. George is based in the UK.
People know Jean-François Noubel as one of the worldwide experts on collective intelligence, a new research field that explores the consciousness and evolution of social organisms in nature and in human society. Having an experimental life, he gives lectures all across the world. He coaches global leaders and helps big companies to become enlightened players in the next integral economy. Jean-François works on post-monetary technologies that will soon overcome the limitations of money. 5 years ago he became the first digital nomad to live 100% in the gift economy. He trains advanced “humanonauts” who want to become the edge of human society. He also teaches martial arts as an evolutionary leverage. Happy father of one son, he lives in Provence when he doesn’t travel.
Joe Shirley holds an MA in Whole Systems Design from Antioch University Seattle with an emphasis in facilitating transformative group experiences, and has studied and practiced Co-operative Inquiry, Dynamic Facilitation, Circling, dance improvisation, and other methods for cultivating an emergent “we” through a group of individuals. He is co-founder and Executive Director of Resonance Path Institute, where he has collaborated with his partner Spring Cheng in developing the Institute’s cutting-edge practices of Fieldwork and Field Tuning. A foundation of Joe’s contributions to the cultivation of We-Space is his two-decade research and development of Feelingwork, a method for transforming the inner experience of feeling, mood, and emotion from an amorphous unknown to a tangible foundation for conscious being. Feelingwork offers a profound understanding and mastery of the individual experience of feeling – the core source of intuition and the portal through which transpersonal wisdom is made available to consciousness.
Joseph Friedman, MA, has over forty years’ experience consulting and coaching individuals and organizations in communication effectiveness, leadership, high performance teamwork and enacting strategic plans. He is well versed in a variety of transformational methodologies including Erhard’s linguistic, ontological coaching; Baranco’s Man/Woman dynamics; Wilber’s Integral Approach and Hellinger’s Constellation Work. He has co-founded and managed three international consultancies and human development organizations and has delivered programs of transformational organizational, leadership and consultant development in Africa, the Caribbean, Japan, India, Canada and the United States. He is collaborating in developing the Resonance Code, Transformativeorg.com and The Source Code Project.
Johann is an executive coach, communication consultant and facilitator who is energized by working with people and organizations who are committed to change and willing to embrace new ideas. His humor and playfulness enables clients to engage difficult topics without drama and his directness coupled with intuition and empathy ensures that his clients stay on course of their goals. Johann works as faculty for the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) since 2005.
Social architect specializing in evolutionary leadership, global collective intelligence, social networks and organizational transformation. Partner in The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence, Social Development Director of Dakia Institute. and COO of The Office for the Future initiative. Has a Master degree in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability at the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden, where he started his research in Social Bio-mimicry, and co-developed a model for Large Scale Collaboration, unveiling the principles and DNA of a global co-creative community. Has extensive experience in business and social entrepreneurship in Mexico and abroad. His current focus is to research, develop and implement new technologies and opportunities for social innovation that enable communities to operate from the new holistic paradigm of interconnection, unity and interdependence on a local and global scale.
Lawrence Bloom is currently Secretary General of the Be Earth Foundation, a UN Inter Governmental Organisation which advises, assists and enables in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals on behalf those Countries with which it has Treaties. He is a member of the Board of Dakia Global, a major infrastructure organisation combining creative financial and technical solutions enabling countries, corporations, communities and funding Institutions to achieve their sustainable development goals and targets. These successes are achieved through Public Private and Social Partnerships tied into profound expertise and strong leadership.  Lawrence was appointed the first Chairman of the World Economic Forum at Davos, Global Agenda Council on Urban Management and he is a current alumnas of all Agenda Councils. He is former Chairman of the UN Environmental Programme, Green Economy Initiative, Green Cities, Buildings and Transport Council. Lawrence also served as an active a member of the Corporate Responsibility Advisory Group of the ICEAW. His passion is to support what is breaking through that which is breaking down, in the current system. He considers this action will enable the emergence of a societal model and a society, whose understanding around the interconnectedness of all things will harmonise conscious economics, social wellbeing and environmental responsibility into a healthy, thriving and abundant culture.
Matthew Schutte @Metacurrency Project
Matthew is a Berkeley law grad, the former managing director of an angel investment firm, and a member of the Metacurrency Project, where he works alongside a growing team that is creating new systems for communication, coordination and governance inspired by the organizing patterns of living systems.  In addition, Matthew has worked with others on the design of distributed identity infrastructures, lectured on “How to Balance Privacy and Transparency in a Digitally Connected World,” and occasionally surfs 50 foot waves at the world famous Mavericks in Northern California.
Michael Brabant, PhD is trained in both academic and clinical psychology settings as well as studied with meditation masters, shamans, mystics, and healers. He integrates the most potent approaches towards healing and awakening to support embodied transformation on an individual and collective level through a teaching and practice called Divine Humanity (livingdivinehumanity.com). He also works with top 1% salespeople and socially conscious entrepreneurs and CEOs to help them align their business ambitions with their soul purpose in service of using business as a leverage for social change and global awakening through Epic Impact (epicimpact.com). The foundation of all his work is listening and aligning with collective intelligence and looking for the sacred purpose of every seemingly positive or negative experience and facilitating dynamic, coherent, and emergent transformative containers to support this.
Consultant, trainer, working in the fields of organisational and systems-design, business development and the design and application of governance and management-models; entrepreneur.  Starting in the 80es with self-development seminars, in the 90ies he gained a reputation for his progressive seminars. In the early 90s he started with a series of non-primed seminars, which later became known as “we-space” processes, that at that time he called “Circles of The Heart” and later “Hieros Gamos”. He has been working in Germany, the Netherlands, Japan and used to lead an experimental spiritual community in the Czech Republic until 2008 when he dismantled it in the service of his “participatory turn” away from all traditional, hierarchical ways and even “spirituality”.
Over the last 18 years Nicholas has gained an international reputation for his transformational leadership development seminars and coaching. The clients he has served include FedEx, Rolls Royce, Swiss Re, Motorola, the UK Permanent Secretaries and several cabinet ministers. He bridges the worlds of creative, personal, spiritual and professional development in a uniquely powerful, relevant and accessible way. Nicholas was previously a theatre director, taught acting at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, and directed his own theatre company. He has spent nearly 40 years researching ‘the zone’ of peak performance, and studying multiple mind/body disciplines. He co-founded Olivier Mythodrama in 2001, has been an Associate Fellow at the University of Oxford Said Business School, and teaches at the IMD in Lausanne. He studies with Thomas Hubl and is a core member of The Pocket Project for Collective and Intergenerational Trauma Integration. www.corepresence.org
Author and consultant, Peggy Holman, has helped cultivate an emerging field of practice that engages the diverse people of a system to imagine and move towards a desired future. Peggy has consulted on strategies for enabling diverse groups to face complex issues by turning presentation into conversation and passivity into participation. She is a leader in deploying collaborative processes that can involve hundreds, or thousands, of people in organizations or communities in achieving breakthroughs. In The Change Handbook, she and her co-authors profile 61 processes  used by organizations and communities to uncover creative responses to complex challenges. Her award-winning Engaging Emergence: Turning Upheaval into Opportunity provides a roadmap for turning disruptions into possibilities. Peggy is Executive Director of Journalism That Matters, a nonprofit she co-founded with three journalists to re-conceive news and information to support communities and democracy to thrive.
Rosa Zubizarreta helps leaders and groups develop collective intelligence and inspired action, by tapping the creative potential of divergent perspectives to generate felt wholeness and shared systemic understandings. Author of “From Conflict to Creative Collaboration: A User’s Guide to Dynamic Facilitation”, she teaches this empathy-based, relational approach to facilitation to mediators, consultants, and coaches. Rosa’s listening presence is grounded in three decades of Focusing practice, training in Internal Family Systems and Heart IQ, and a background in Freirean dialogue and praxis. With professional experience and degrees in organization development, clinical social work, and multicultural education, Rosa is engaged in doctoral studies at Fielding. As practitioner, scholar, activist, and artist, her research interests include empathy in collaborative sense-making; microcosms in participatory public policy processes; emergent higher-order convergences in groups; and relational epistemologies. Her larger purpose is increasing our collective capacity to transform friction and conflict into greater wisdom, energy, and love.
Sheri Herndon is a thought leader, social innovator, healer and embodied mystic.  Her passion is to awaken, engage and unite humanity to create a world that reflects our highest destiny.  Her life has been an ongoing journey to a deeper and more intimate relationship with the Divine and being of greater service to humanity’s awakening.  For the last 20 years, she has worked in the field of evolving consciousness toward creating new forms for culture to be fully actualized. Her work has included organizational consulting, coaching, writing, convening, and designing.  She has been pioneering for these two decades as an evolutionary social architect at the nexus of deep social networks, conscious evolution, communications, and co-creation. Engaging at the edge of cultural innovation as a researcher and futurist, she sees the trim tabs and elegant interventions for how to take cutting edge wisdom-knowledge and put it into ‘living labs.’  This is what she calls new “social DNA,” through which we can nurture the seeds of a new paradigm and midwife a wiser planetary civilization.
Dr. Spring Cheng has devoted her life to the re-imagination of I-Ching, the oldest book on Earth that recorded ancient Chinese wisdom on collective consciousness. That effort led to the co-founding of Resonance Path Institute and creation of Resonance Code. One of the central ideas of I-Ching is that the resonance between the individual and collective is an agent for evolution. She unpacks the practice and conceptual framework of resonance to integrate and inter-weave with the modern western thoughts on human development. She and her collaborators develop processes and practices for individual and organizational transformation based on Resonance Code. Spring’s work is guided by these questions. How do we release and purify the tremendous forces embedded in the collective unconscious and collective karma? How to harvest those forces to empower the wisdom of collective heart and integrate with the knowledge of collective mind? How do we guide our personal evolution in this context of these questions? Spring is a native Chinese and lived in US for 22 years. She calls Seattle home, where she cultivates a life with her co-creative partner Joe Shirley, co-founder of Resonance Path and creator of Feelingwork.
Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter is Co-Founder of the Center for Leadership Maturity (CLM). Susanne is an internationally known authority on adult development and consults globally, applying vertical development theory to self, teams, and systems.  Susanne has a doctorate from Harvard University. Her thesis, Post-autonomous Ego Development, is a landmark study in the characteristics and assessment of highly developed individuals, and considerably advanced Loevinger’s theory of ego-development.  She is a founding member of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute in Denver, Colorado; her work is referenced by Ken Wilber in many of his works.  Susanne coaches individuals in self-understanding, self-acceptance, and personal growth using Clean Language, Polarity Wisdom, NLP, meditation, and positive psychology.  Along with a deep knowledge of human suffering and yearning she helps people say “yes to life!” She continues her research and, together with Beena Sharma consults with organizations and projects in using the LMF framework and the MAP for leadership development.
Sylvie van den Meerendonk believes that everyone has a place in the world where they fit best. Where they are most happy and most valuable. As an author, career and business coach, and as the owner of a small coaching and outplacement company, she helps people to discover what that place is for them and how to get there. Sylvie is a seeker for all things that help people discover and step into their life purpose and has found Dreaming and other Integral practices the most inspiring and effective tools for doing so. Sylvie lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and travels the world working, writing, coaching, and managing her business.
Dr. Tom Murray is an Senior Research Fellow in the Computer Science Department at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Currently his primary research is in the are of supporting social deliberative skills in online contexts. He has also done research in the areas of Cognitive Tools, Adaptive Computer Learning Environments, Online Collaboration, Ethics, and Knowledge Engineering. He is also publishes scholarly papers in the field of Integral Theory related epistemology and applied philosophy. Murray has degrees in educational technology (EdD, MEd), computer science (MS), and physics (BS). He is on the editorial review boards of two international journals, the International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education, and at Integral Review as an Associate Editor.
Tree Bressen feels blessed with a calling to help groups function well.  Since 1998, she has served a wide variety of (150+) organizations, including more than 70 intentional communities.  As a consultant, her design work focuses on alignment of action toward purpose.  She facilitates lively, connecting meetings that produce effective results, and offers trainings that are practical and engaging.  Tree is also founder of the nonprofit collective that produced the deck Group Works: A Pattern Language for Bringing Life to Meetings and Other Gatherings,currently in use by thousands of people in dozens of countries around the world.  She lived in intentional communities and shared households for most of her adult life, until discovering in 2011 to her surprise and dismay that she enjoyed living alone.  The principles and practices of “teal” or “evolutionary” organizations are currently a major inspiration.
My life’s journey is about Being the Essence of my heart. This leads me to adventures around hosting collaborative spaces for conversations and interaction. This desire becomes expressed by my being an agent of purpose in a variety of ways.I am currently energizing the roles of Community Building and Tribe Space in Enlivening Edge. I also energize the Community Building role in the Next Stage World Organization. I am also a partner in the Elemental Business Academy. I currently live in Olympia Washington where I have lots of times to spend with my two amazing granddaughters.